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To Know Da Fon

 Da Fon was established in the year of 2001 by Mr. Lin Meng Zhou and founded in Changhua. By introducing the concept of enterprise management, brand image promoting, enlarge the marketing scope limitation, step into international business, we have now set up 35 service bases in Taiwan, a manufacturing factory of reprocess granules, a research developing department and a resource recycling center.   

Main recycling service can be categorized in commercial waste, industrial waste, onsite service base in partnership organization, vehicle recycling, demolition project and destruction of classified documents. Creating an image of everything can be recycled to achieve zero waste.


In order to wipe away the stereotypes of traditional recycling image, Da Fon continuing to be more innovative, creating variety passages to increase the recycling rates.



With founding the resource recycling and developing center, Da Fon trying to use the images of 「green」to create limitless possibilities and change consumers behavior.


Three core values


Blending the concept of resource cycling into working attitude and life habits.


through positive organizational cycle, to execute any innovative ideas that can be increased to the industrial value.


misplaced waste can be effective resources

International Business:

  • We have the professional team and complete integration of recycling business to promote our competitiveness and expand for various businesses in worldwide.
  • We do established customized project to assist oversea client collect the assign materials.
  • We also provide service that imports the required materials by the domestic organization.
  • With a bases of own 35 recycling sites in Taiwan, recycled materials from household and partnership organization onsite service to recycle industrial waste. These materials being processed and packed can be exporting to oversea.