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PET Film (Two Tapes)

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PET Film(stuck with two strips of tapes)


Mostly is attached to the products or the bottom, to protect the products, and usually be disposed after finish production.

Those kinds of film sheet are usually used as non-toxic and aseptic packaging materials in food and medicine products.  Also used as high grade packaging materials for textiles, precision instruments and electrical components.  Or used in the electronic industry and machinery industry which made of electrical insulating materials, capacitive diaphragms, flexible printed circuit boards and membrane switches.  Recently also common collected those materials from the manufacturers that produce mobilephone or LCD TV.  

Some PET films are stuck with strips of tapes, and some PET films are without any tapes on the film.  We can sort out and pack them separately.  Thus, basically we can offer below grades separately: without tapes, stuck with one tape, two tapes, or three tapes.


Da Fon is a professional plastic scrap recycler and supplier in Taiwan.  We have more than 20 recycling facility around Taiwan and also specialize in post-industrial plastic recycling.  We have established close relationships with family households, vendors, suppliers and have built a collaborative network of partners locally.  All the waste plastic are sorted and classified according to their grade and quality, baled and stored in the warehouse for later shipment.  

We can supply various grades of plastic scrap to you with good quality & service & just-in- time.  

We are always open to new business opportunities and are always interested in receiving new offers from suppliers of plastic scrap.  We are always in the market to facilitate the recyclables to find the best reuse.  We are looking for long term buyers for all Plastic Scrap grades!  We would love to hear from you to discuss further opportunities!


Polyethylene terephthalate(PET) is a common polymer in our lives.  Has good firmness and toughness, high extensibility, high impact strength resistance, heat resistance, scratch resistance, electrical insulating, and excellent transparency. 

PET film is used as packaging film, has high transparency and burnish surface, good airtight, medium anti-moisture.  At low temperatures, the water vapor transmission rate drops.  Has excellent mechanical properties.  Its firmness and toughness are the best among the thermoplastics.  PET film is also heat resistant, cold resistant, and has good chemical and oil resistance.  But can be corroded by strong acids and base.  Not anti-static, has no proper way in static shielding, so should be aware when packing powder materials. 


Insulation/protection/packaging materials that collected from factories directly


Recycled Plastics Granules/Pellets


600-1000KG per bulk bag