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PS Tray

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PS Tray


Mostly white color, some are black color.

Consists of various sizes

Consists of some packaging materials and trays that used as anti-static and conductive materials, for the purpose of preventing static electricity and isolating electromagnetic wave.  Suitable for IC manufacturing, electronic components, D-RAM, precision instruments, and some items that need the protection and packaging from dusts.

Without crushed treatment



Da Fon is a professional plastic scrap recycler and supplier in Taiwan.  We have more than 20 recycling facility around Taiwan and also specialize in post-industrial plastic recycling.  We have established close relationships with family households, vendors, suppliers and have built a collaborative network of partners locally.  All the waste plastic are sorted and classified according to their grade and quality, baled and stored in the warehouse for later shipment.  

We can supply various grades of plastic scrap to you with good quality & service & just-in- time.  

We are always open to new business opportunities and are always interested in receiving new offers from suppliers of plastic scrap.  We are always in the market to facilitate the recyclables to find the best reuse.  We are looking for long term buyers for all Plastic Scrap grades!  We would love to hear from you to discuss further opportunities! 


Polystyrene(PS)is a colorless, transparent thermoplastic.  The chemical property of PS is relatively poor, can be dissolved by many organic solvents, and also be corroded by strong acids and base, and not oil proof.  Easy to change colors after exposure to UV radiation.  But its strong hardness is good for producing packages of fast food, frozen foods, snack foods, yogurt drinks, and meats.   


Insulation/protection/packaging materials that collected from factories directly


Recycled Plastics Granules/Pellets


Stacked in pallet