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TVBS interviewed Da Fon: “Linear Economy” utilitarian circular economy for no waste

 TVBS interviewed Da Fon: “Linear Economy” utilitarian circular economy for no waste 
Since industrial revolution, the global economic development can be seen as linear economy. That is, people throw out raw materials after using it in the process of producing and purchasing. Thus, “circular economy” is widely promoting now. It aims to reach “no waste”, which means that what people produce can all be recycled and recovered again, going to a economic circle for reusing.  
“ The ones which looks like mesh net is so-called precious metal, which can be used for air pollution filtering. Platinum can be refined from it, and it is able to be recycled by NTD500 to NTD1,000 in catalyst market price. However, the recycled price would be different by the different kind of cars,” said by Jimmy Nian, vice-manager in Da Fon. 
This is why waste can be turned into gold. For a car, 60% of it is covered by car shell, which is able to be cut into pieces and re-made. The redundant tire and coolant still can be reused. As for the lead accumulator, it can be second-hand one, be renewed, or be refined to lead, and then goes back to industrial use. It can be said that 90% of a recycled car still can be reused. This is business mode is the so-called circular economy. 
 Jimmy Nian said “ The engine of the main body is broken, so that it came to our recycled center. Basically, we will reprocess it, repair and reproduce it to its original function. It will return to market and people can purchase it. Thus, the material is not wasted in the end.   
Da Fon will always resist the concept of “ no waste, all recycling” to let materials get endless use.