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Green material- Green research- Green design- Green products : One stop service

As environmental awareness is rising now, people get more attention to recycling in daily life. Corporate Social Responsibility is highly valued now. Many enterprises adopt recycled plastic resins to be their raw material and package material, or taking it into consideration when purchasing material for company. It allows the company to enhance the green image in consumers’ mind. When purchasing products, many customers also put emphasis on whether the company is eco-friendly or not in the process of production.   

Da Fon provides HDPE and PP recycled resins, and has sold it to many countries. We also possess the most advanced production equipment and engineering skills.

Even, we are able to research and develop green products for customers, and offer the integrated service based on customers’ need, such as material adjustment, product design, test, and mass production, etc.


Da Fon totally apply Post-Consumer  Recycled  Plastic (PCR) material to produce green products, which does reach our commitment: No waste, and all recycling.


The certificates that we get are as following:


1.SGS Product Carbon Footprint Verification Statement: By using our recycled material,

  the emission of carbon dioxide can be reduced.

2.TUV Recycled Material Used Verification: What we use is 100% PCR material.

3.The PCR material Verification from PIDC : What we use is 100% PCR material.

Most important of all, Da Fon is the only one factory in Asia who gets Eucertplast Certificate for Blue Angel mark use.  


For the further information, please check our catalogue for eco-product.

The recycled plastic pallets, please check this catalogue.