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Da Fon Attended the “Both side of Taiwan Strait for One Belt and Road Green Industry Summit”

Matt Lin, the chairman of Da Fon described the innovative recycling application and shared the “green-gold experience,” which means turning waste into gold.


To boost the relationship and cooperation between the both side of Taiwan Strait, and also to promote the application of green technology in saving water, electricity, and material, Urumqi construction association and Taiwan Hsinchu green industry association held “Both side of Taiwan Strait for One Belt and Road Green Industry Summit” in Urumqi Jinjiang International Hotel on June 21, 2016.


Matt Lin is not only the chairman of Da Fon, but also the manager of Hsinchu green industry association.

He introduced the development of green industry in Taiwan, and explain the business mode of Da Fon Environmental Technology Company, the largest recycling system in Taiwan.


One Belt and Road is the abbreviation of “the Silk Road Economic Belt” and “the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road.”  Through this initiative to cooperate, an effective platform can be set for regional cooperation.


Taiwan is distinguished form “island of waste.” The rate of recycling in Taiwan is comparable with other developed country such as the US, Austria, and Germany.


For China, who shares the same language with us, Taiwan possesses huge potential in export. By this international summit, it can help us get further understanding about market and opportunity in China.